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Hello!  I had the privilege of sharing this story about Joel with the congregation of Flint New Life Church of the Nazarene.  The mission of the church is: to introduce individuals to Christ, to equip them to be followers of Christ;  and to impact our community with God’s love.

Joel is a prophet in the OT.  Joel has a message from God to the people.  The message is : if the nation will repent and return to the Lord, God will restore His relationship with her and bless her.  The nation referred to is Judah.  This message is relevant to us today.

Joel 1:15
Alas for that day! For the day of the LORD is near; it will come like destruction from the Almighty.  The day of the Lord – A day of greater trouble than yet they felt, troubles which God will heap upon them.

Joel 2:12-13
“Even now,” declares…

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